Who is Movement Psychotherapy for?

  • Children and Young people

  • Adults who have a range of mental health challenges including PTSD, Anxiety, Addiction recovery, Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating, Trauma related challenges, Psycho-Somatic symptoms 

  • Anyone with Learning Difficulties

  • Anyone interested in developing, discovering and exploring the self

What does Dance Movement Psychotherapy do?

This type of therapeutic intervention in its essence invites the body and mind to collaborate towards the journey to recovery or self healing. Through creative expression, movement, body awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication together we invite growth development and positive change. This type of therapy work welcomes art materials, music, role play, props into the space. All held within a psychotherapeutic frame work.


'If you just set people in motion they will heal themselves'

Gabrielle Roth, Founder of the 5 Rhythms