According to ADMP UK clinical supervision aims to provide a forum for reflection on clinical practice within a confidential, safe and supportive framework: it should function as a ‘safety valve’ for any latent issues identified by the supervisee and also as a ‘safety net’ to catch any concerns about practice in terms of practical and/or ethical issues.

The content might contain any of the following elements:

  • exploration of clinical work

  • embodied & verbal investigation of the exploration of the therapeutic relationship

  • verbal & movement exploration of unconscious processes

  • engagement across a range of creative processes to access unconscious and conscious material

For me, as a creative clinical supervisor, I view the use of arts in all forms, as an invaluable resource to explore and deepen the content shared during the supervision sessions. As Mooti Lahad (2000) offered 'supervision is deepened by the marriage of the imaginal, clinical and cognitive, emphasizing the power of images to help truly understand what is happening in the therapeutic process'. From this it is important to emphasise that as part of the creative clinical supervision sessions imagination, spontaneity, the body and the space can be incorporated and are encouraged.

The supervision session is seen as a collaborative time for both therapist, counsellor or artist and supervisor to chat, explore, unpick and remain curious about the themes and content emerging.  

Similar to my psychotherapy approach, as a creative clinical supervisor, I invite the person centered framework and when needed I draw from other psychotherapy models.

Supervision can be offered to a wide range of professionals seeking clarity and support through their professional journeys. I have worked with artists, counsellors, psychotherapists, students, nurses.

As per ADMP UK and UKCP guidelines, I undergo monthly clinical supervision.

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'Batel is a fabulous supervisor, full of energy and ideas, supportive, curious and with a wealth of expertise to draw on. She has drawn from me a depth of clarity about my working practices that has been really helpful to my own process as well as my work. She also embodies a confidence we can all gain from as people and which is very inspiring without being at all dominant or condescending. A joyful guide to have alongside my work!' (2021)