Dance movement psychotherapy, also known as Creative Movement Psychotherapy, embodies the deep rooted belief that the body remembers and stores all of our memories, stories and histories. It is through embracing and listening to our bodies and inner dance that we can begin to heal.

Dance movement psychotherapy recognises body movement as an implicit and expressive instrument of communication. This is a relational process using non-verbal alongside verbal communication to assist integration of emotional, cognitive, physical and social aspects of the self.

' Dance Therapy is not the dance, but about using movement as a tool of communication. It is about connecting movement to psychological processes'

Erica Hornthal

Working together, body and mind, we can unlock our limitless creative abilities.

Dance movement psychotherapy's basic premise is that

'body movement reflects inner emotional states that changes in movement behaviour can lead to changes in the psyche, thus promoting health and growth'

Fran Levy, 1988

Dance movement psychotherapy is suitable for all ages, needs and abilities. This type of psychotherapy can be suitable in groups, individual sessions, face to face or online. 


Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a recognised psychotherapy as part of UKCP and is forms one of the main Art Psychotherapies. ADMP UK is the leading association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Individual therapy sessions are usually between 50 minutes to an hour and take place weekly. The period of time DMP sessions run for depends on your needs. However as the therapy is dependant on the therapeutic relationship a minimum of 8-10 sessions is recommended.

Group therapy sessions are usually a minimum of an hour and take place weekly. Group sessions will run for a set period of time that will be arranged at the onset. This is followed by a review period before the group restarts.